100% Organic Hempseed  Oil used in all of our blends.


This is an animal-free (vegan) product, produced without animal testing; cruelty free.




We are proud to introduce our new line of INDIKAH Hemp Lotions.

Extra-thick, extra-rich -- yet it absorbs quickly, leaving skin soft, moisturized, and rejuvenated.


Ylang Ylang

A seductive scent distilled from the flower petals of the Cananga Tree.


A harmonious blend of almond, pear, and melon with a splash of psychedelia.   


A mysterious, spicy blend of Jasmine with enchanting undertones.


Green Tea

A soothing blend of oriental herbs and our emerald green hemp oil.


Definitely a unique sandalwood. Warm and slightly woody. Perfect for both men and women.   



A kaleidoscope of calming and relaxing lavender.